Atopalm Real Barrier CicaRelief products cicarelief cream, cicarelief gel balm, and cicarelief serum

Some things in our lives are inevitable. Though some may argue which things are inevitable, most people will agree that dehydrated and irritated skin is inevitable if you don’t take care of your skin properly. But which way is proper? Is there even a way to take care of your skin? Well, to put it simply… yes. (Hint: Real Barrier skincare products are one way you can properly take care of your skin.)

With one Google search, you can find an array of results on ways to take care of your skin. This usually contains a long list with words like “limit this,” “avoid that,” and “wash your face for x-amount of time every day.” While those steps can be helpful—and even greatly successful at keeping the skin a little bit healthier than before—it also might not be enough to help protect your skin altogether.

The Skin Barrier

Firstly, we should talk about where and why our skin becomes damaged.

The skin barrier—which is our outermost layer of skin cells and a lipid that holds all of them together—protects our skin from many harmful things. It functions as a permeability barrier, UV barrier, oxidant barrier, and many others that could cause damage to our skin.

Our skin barrier can become damaged from many different things outside of how we take care of our skin. Innately, as we age, experience multitudes of stress, and expose our skin to different weathers, our skin barrier will become damaged. As a result, this leads to dehydrated and irritated skin.

But, with a few more Google searches and a little bit of patience, you might be able to find some products that promise to hydrate that dry skin and smooth out the irritation. This sounds great and all… until you look at the ingredients they include. Some may contain harsher ingredients like mineral oil, artificial fragrances, and many others.

From here, the question becomes: can this really be healthy for my skin if it has such harsh ingredients?

The answer then changes to: not quite.

Therefore, the best solution to this is to find a product that repairs damaged skin in a more natural, healthy way. The Real Barrier skincare products do exactly this.

Real barrier skincare products

[Real Barrier Skincare Products; pictured (from left to right): cleansing oil balm, cleansing water, cleansing milk, intense moisture cream, (right, bottom) extreme cream ampoule, and (right, top) aqua soothing ampoule mask]

The Real Barrier Skincare

Real Barrier are skincare products made by the Korean brand Atopalm. These products are specifically made to repair the damaged skin barrier in a natural way.

What does this mean?

Well, thank you for asking.

In short, it means that, within the Real Barrier products, there aren’t those harsh ingredients. For example, this means there is no:

  • Parabens
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mineral Oil
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Benzophenone

… and many others (you can see the full list on their website here). As a result, these products are much healthier for your skin to have simply because they do not include harsh ingredients.

What ingredient does this product use if it’s not one of the harsher ones?

Another great question.

Firstly, there are a few ingredients in the products that help hydrate the skin and comfort the irritation. However, the main one is the MLE.

Patented by Neopharm, the MLE is:

  • M(ulti)
  • L(amellar)
  • E(mulsion)

This ingredient alone is designed to mimic a healthy skin’s natural lamellar lipid (which is that lipid barrier mentioned in the beginning). By mimicking the natural lamellar lipid in skin, it reinforces the skin barrier and protects it from the dehydration and irritation from before without adding the harsh ingredients that could cause damage in the first place. In other words, this ingredient is one of the best protectors against a damaged skin barrier. (Watch a quick video explaining these products.)

The Real Barrier Skincare Products

Within the Real Barrier brand, there is an extravagant amount of different products you can choose from to suit your specific needs.

For instance:

  • Extreme: this is made to strengthen a dry and sensitive skin barrier

Extreme products essence mist, extreme essence toner, and extreme cream
[Real Barrier Extreme products; pictured: essence mist, extreme essence toner, and extreme cream]

  • Aqua Soothing: this cools down dehydrated skin

Aqua Soothing products aqua soothing ampoule and aqua soothing ampoule mask
[Real Barrier Aqua Soothing products; pictured: aqua soothing ampoule and aqua soothing ampoule mask]

  • Control-T: this controls excess sebum (which is the oily substance that your sebaceous glands produce on your face) and balances oil and moisture levels

Control-T products control-t cleansing foam
[Atopalm Real Barrier Control-T products; picture: control-t cleansing foam]

  • CicaRelief: this repairs and protects irritated skin

Real Barrier CicaRelief products cicarelief cream, cicarelief gel balm, and cicarelief serum
[Atopalm Real Barrier CicaRelief products; pictured: cicarelief cream, cicarelief gel balm, and cicarelief serum]

  • Active-V: this fights early signs of aging

Active-V products active-v first oil
[Atopalm Real Barrier Active-V products; pictured: active-v first oil]

  • Men: this restores health balance to dehydrated and oily skin for men

Real Barrier Men line skincare products for men fresh moisturizer and for men all in one mist toner
[Atopalm Real Barrier Men products; pictured: for men fresh moisturizer and for men all in one mist toner]

Furthermore, these products come in a variety of ways (though not all products will have these different versions). This includes:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner/Mist
  • Ampoule
  • Lotion/Cream
  • Mask

Where do you go from here?

Although dehydrated and irritated skin might be inevitable (to some, at least), it doesn’t mean that it’ll stay forever. In short, with a good skincare routine to help revitalize your skin barrier, I’m sure you can bring that healthy and hydrated feeling back to your skin. For more information on the Real Barrier skincare products, you can look through their online site by clicking here.

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