What is KbeautyCon?

Unlike the beautycon we hear from LA and New York, KbeautyCon tailors their event to educate and introduce the real Kbeauty experience of Koreans.

Kbeauty Con designs to create a space for beauty based on the Korean Beauty philosophy many Kbeauty brands gear their products towards a healthy skin environment. An event designed to go beyond nurturing and maintaining a healthy skin environment but overall health.

KbeautyCon is gathering with Kbeauty brands to introduce a new concept of beauty centered in creating beauty together. Their goals are

  • Educate others what Kbeauty is
  • Meeting Kbeauty brands that make it possible
  • Introduce new Kbeauty products
  • Having the experience of feeling beautiful again from the inside out
  • Partnering up with different charities to bring awareness of domestic abuse

It is an event centered on the Kbeauty philosophy and creating a space for beauty to blossom. So, what can we expect from Kbeauty Con?

The KbeautyCon Experience 

We can expect to experience KbeautyCon one to two times a year. KbeautyCon is an event where we will experience the philosophy and culture of Kbeauty while learning the basics.

What kind of basics? The basis of optimizing our skin for the healthy glow through the Kbeauty skincare routine and their Kbeauty products. Afterall, Kbeauty means taking the time to do self-care through knowing what works for us.


KbeautyCon will have educational panels, Kbeauty activities, kbeauty tutorials, and networking opportunities to enhance our Kbeauty experience. Learning about Kbeauty products and meeting Kbeauty brands originating from Korea is one of the key features to KbeautyCon. The innovators of cosmetics and influencers of skincare will be gathering at KbeautyCon to share their knowledge, secrets, and experiences with us.

The unique feature of KbeautyCon is to create a space for beauty to be cultivated once again.


Creating a Space for Beauty 

No matter where KbeautyCon travels to, we can expect to experience a space to nurture beauty and learn how to self-care. Self-care can often be overlooked or focused on the mental aspect of our health. However, at KbeautyCon they strive to create a space where we self-care at a mental, emotional, and physical health level.

To embody Kbeauty, is the process of self-care to protect and maintain healthy skin and our overall health.

KbeautyCon is introducing the new concept of beauty based on the Kbeauty philosophy and storytelling of Kbeauty brands. With Kbeauty brands understanding beauty lies beyond the superficiality, they design products for all skin conditions. However, as consumers, we may not know there are products tailored to treat our skin condition. Or help us get the nutrients our skin needs for the day.

It is hard to know where to start self-caring for our skin when we lack the knowledge, tools and resources.  KbeautyCon is a space for beauty to grow and make people feel beautiful through educating them about Korean beauty. And, Korean beauty is for EVERYONE!

KbeautyCon Is For Everyone 

Kbeauty is a lifestyle and culture to every Korean. Does not matter if we are a woman or man, Kbeauty applies to everyone. KbeautyCon is creating beauty together for everyone, women and men. A space to feel beautiful and experience the Kbeauty lifestyle Koreans have for self-care.

With the help of Kbeauty brands, KbeautyCon will give an inside look of what it means to achieve the Kbeauty skincare routine. The routine towards a healthy glowing skin and overall health.

Kbeauty is self-care everyday to achieve long term healthy results for our skin and health through the use of natural ingredients and customizing it to our skin. Customization is one of the three elements rooted in the Korean beauty philosophy. Our skin is unique to us, and it has special needs and care we have to understand and cater to.


Even though the results of a glowing, bouncy skincare is the end goal, Kbeauty’s process of self-care tackles more than the physical health but the emotional and mental aspect.

Partnering With a Charity 

The last key feature that makes KbeautyCon stand out from the rest is their partnership with a charity. As KbeautyCon ventures from city to city every year, they will be partnering up with a charity to donate some of their proceedings.

Not just any kind of charity. A charity related to victims of domestic violence where victims can learn to care for themselves. And, ultimately find their beauty through rediscovering what beauty and skincare is.

Centered around self-caring for our skin, KbeautyCon is bringing awareness and  knowledge of how domestic violence affects an individual’s image and self-care.  In addition to how to help victims find their own Kbeauty.

KbeautyCon is creating a space for beauty for us to create beauty together through educating one another about what makes our skin unique to us. And, how Kbeauty products and Kbeauty brands can help achieve the long term results of a healthy skin and a healthier you.

This year in December 2020, KbeautyCon will be taking place in Paris. If you want to join in on your own Kbeauty experience, you can register at KbeautCon!

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