The skin barrier—which is our outermost layer of skin cells and a lipid that holds all of them together—protects our skin from many harmful things. It functions as a permeability barrier, UV barrier, oxidant barrier, and many others that could cause damage to our skin.

The 10 step Korean skincare routine has become a major trend and staple in the beauty community within recent years, and for good reason! There are many methods ancient Koreans would use to improve their skin that contributed to perfecting the products we use today.

What is KbeautyCon?

Unlike the beautycon we hear from LA and New York, KbeautyCon tailors their event to educate and introduce the real Kbeauty experience of Koreans.

PURITO is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly Korean skincare. Gaining global attention, all eyes are on their skincare range. Basically, this brand calls itself a "safe & honest" alternative. Why? Because they do away with harmful chemicals in cosmetics.

The concept of western beauty has changed as we are introduced to Kbeauty brands and products. But what is Kbeauty? Or at least the westernized concept of KbeautyWith Kbeauty products taking over western consumers, there are misconceptions we fascinate over what it means to do Kbeauty. 

Jayjun is a korean skincare company founded in 2015. A group of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic researchers came together to create products that will help with skin brightening and anti-aging. Their headline "Responsible for beauty" says it all.

How often should you wash your face per day? Washing too often and too little can lead to poor skin health. The products we use can also contribute to clear skin.