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Why should we wash our face twice per day? Let’s find out!

Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities maintain such beautiful and clear skin? There are numerous ways we can improve our skin’s quality. In order for our base makeup to appear its best, it’s extremely important to take care of our canvas — the skin itself — before applying any additional product. So, how often should you wash your face per day?

1. Once : at night

Oil and dirt build up, leading to problem-skin

It’s absolutely necessary to make sure we wash our face at night before we sleep. Our skin tends to collect oil and dirt throughout the day, and neglecting to properly cleanse our skin will cause our pillow to collect these irritants. Whenever we sleep without washing our face, the dirt and oils will continue to build up. To further ensure cleanliness, it is best to wash your pillowcase once a week.

2. Once : in the morning

A clean base makes for a smooth face

When using skincare products, even after applying them to clean skin the night before, the face may still build up oils from creams and moisturizers. So, when we apply makeup in the morning, it is always best to start with a clean face. If we add makeup on top of existing oils and dirt collected overnight, it may lead to acne and increased skin impurities. Plus, BB creams and foundation have a smoother and more appealing visual finish when applied to fresh, clean skin!

3. Why twice per day?

How often we wash our face matters

It is important to only wash our skin twice per day as water can dry out our skin. The temperature of the water can also make a significant difference as warm water can trigger skin conditions such as rosacea and cause bumps. Washing with lukewarm water is best as it helps to reduce redness and keep our skin smooth. The type of cleanser we use on our skin is critical as some may be too harsh for our skin, leading to dryness. Exfoliation cleansers and towels can help prevent dryness as long as they are gentle and leave the skin with more of its natural moisture.

Using a cleansing oil helps to remove oil and dirt collected throughout the day/night


4. Double Cleansing

Two cleansers allow for overall cleanliness

Using two cleansers is also essential in our skincare routine. We should always start off with a cleansing oil, as this assists in breaking down dirt and excess oil collected on the skin overnight/throughout the day. Afterward, using a cleanser that is unique to our skin type can help treat blemishes, provide hydration, or exfoliate the skin. Both cleansers will ensure that our skin is clean and properly cared for.

5. Which skincare products should we use?

Skincare using natural oils is best

There are many great skincare brands and options that can have a positive influence on our skin health, but it is important to remember to wash your face with a cleanser after using makeup remover. Purito From Green Cleansing Oil is one of our favorite products for removing makeup from sensitive skin. Rather than synthetic oils that are aggressive on the skin, Purito uses natural, healthy oils, leading to little to no skin irritation. Washing off the makeup remover with Purito Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser will help to avoid dryness and contains a pH of 5.5 which is the best pH to maintain skin health.

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