JayJun is Asia’s is most renown sheet mask brand. JayJun is a Korean skincare company that was founded in 2015. A group of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic researchers came together to create products that will help with skin brightening and anti-aging. To clarify, their headline says it all. JayJun is “Responsible for beauty.”


Asia renown sheet mask


JayJun founders were successful with producing a variety of skin care products that will help people with saggy skin and dark spots. When JayJun founders came together to create these products, they wanted to make sure that they were made with the highest of quality. For instance, they made sure that all products are cruelty-free and non-irritating. With all of their effort, two amazing products were created. First, they launched Vita Snow, which is “a functional vitamin skin brightening cosmetic.” Second, they created the “Real Water Black Facial Mask Pack.”


Vita Snow and Water Black Facial Mask Packs

To start, we have Vita Snow which is “a skin-brightening cosmetic that maintains the water-oil balance of the skin, equalizes dull skin tone with vitamins and brightens the skin. It can be used on the areas where intensive care is needed, helping with brightening the skin without making the skin feel sticky.” To summarize, this product is perfect for people with dark spots and overall duller skin.

Next, we have Water Black Facial Mask Pack which are face masks like no other! In other words, if a consumer were to buy these mask packs they can look forward to feeling rejuvenated. “This highly-moisturizing water-full mask pack turns dry and rough skin into smooth and moist skin.” To conclude, it only will take about 10-15 minutes to feel how dry skin can turn into extremely smooth skin. That is to say, it is almost like magic!


In addition, JayJun has been around for only six years, and the company is already a major success. Meanwhile, in only four years, they opened a face mask plant in Incheon. This plant is responsible for making 40 million mask pack sheets a month!

What Asia’s Most Renown Sheet Mask Brand Has Accomplished

Moving forward, in the same year, 2018, many exciting things started to happen for JayJun. Above all, they won three sectors at Tmall Global Brand Awards, China, which is an amazing achievement.


Asia renown sheet mask


After that, JayJun collaborated with American actress Drew Barrymore to create a mask series. Drew Barrymore absolutely loves skincare. As a result, JayJun is her favorite! To clarify, Drew personally went to South Korea to team up with JayJun to create face masks that everyone would love. In addition, the masks come in three different sets. First, we have a set called “Drew Barrymore More Than Seanol Wrinkle-Care Mask.” Second, we have “Drew Barrymore More Than Green-Tox Cleanse Mask.” Third, we have “Drew Barrymore More Than Nutrition Brightening Mask.” In addition, each mask set comes with three different steps.

Asia renown sheet mask

Spokemodel Drew Barrymore

More amazing JayJun achievements!

Ever since being established in 2015, JayJun have achieved so many amazing things!

  • May 2015 – Real Water Brightening Black Mask Launch
  • October 2015 – Yeoksam store opening
  • April 2016 – Myeongdong store opening
  • November 2016 – Ranked No. 1 sales among Korean mask brands in China’s most biggest e-commerce platform “T-mall & Taobao”
  • December 2016 – Awarded “Future Creation Science Ministry”
  • September 2017 – Awarded “Asia’s Top 10 Influential Brand Award” & “Top Annual Figures Award”
  • June 2018 – Pharmaceutical house brand “DR.JAYJUN” Launch
  • July 2019 – Awarded “Brand of the Year 2019”

JayJun’s brand message

Stylish. affordable. Excellent Quality. All in One. Made in Korea. HYGGE. Home Therapy. distinctive.”

To summarize, JayJun, is a brand full of products that make people feel beautiful. Firstly, the quality is fantastic, and the packaging is unique and aesthetic. Secondly, JayJun takes pride in all of their products and wants everyone to be able to purchase them and feel amazing about themselves. Therefore, there is nothing else like JayJun on this planet!

The most renown sheet mask brand and their spokesmodels!

Throughout the years, JayJun had many famous celebrities as their spokesmodels. Having spokesmodels for skincare is an amazing way to gain attention and attraction for the products. For instance, here are some of the famous faces of JayJun: Girls’ Generation Seohyun, Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, Actor Park Haejin, Actor Choi Taejoon, and DIA member Chae Yeonjung. Here are the current spokesmodels for JayJun:

  • DJ Soda

  • Lim Soohyang

In conclusion, it is such a miracle that a company like JayJun exists to create such amazing products for everyone. JayJun offers a variety of skincare options for everyone to use. A lot of their products aim to help with saggy and dry skin. However, since those problems do not apply to everyone, JayJun offers many other products as well.  For example, they have sleeping masks and other face masks to help rejuvenate and make the skin feel great. In addition, they also have anti-dust foam cleanser, anti-dust therapy mask, anti-dust aqua skin block, and the list goes on. Any skin problem a person can run across, JayJun has the solution!

In short, if reading about JayJun is exciting, but there is no place to buy the products. Don’t worry! Many different stores carry JayJun products.

List of places that sell JayJun products:

Lastly, get out or online today and buy some amazing JayJun products because who would not want to own one of Asia’s most renown sheet mask?

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